Speak Easy

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Medium Roast

Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Brazil

Our House Blend is a beautiful blend of Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Brazil. It starts with a slight fruity-floral taste. The middle is exceptionally smooth and sweet. And it ends off with deep rich chocolate that lingers as an aftertaste.

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Starting off our coffee range is Speak Easy. We knew that there is massive competition in the coffee market and this why when developing Speak Easy we put it to the test against some of the best coffees in Cape Town. After two months of testing, blending and drinking espressos as if it were water, did we come up with the blend know as Speak Easy.

It is predominantly African beans as it was our intention to create an all African coffee, but during the development of the blend it just was not matching up to the other coffees. It was only until we added a small portion of Brazil that just rounded off the coffee giving it a distanced and unique flavor.

This has become one of our most popular coffee’s and is used in numerous places such as Square Root Coffee, Trail and Tar and Dimension Data Cape Town



SCAA Score: 81

Altitude: 1500-2000m

Drying Process: Fully washed

Traceability: Regional Co-op


SCAA Score: 82.25

Altitude: 1400-2200m

Drying Process: Natural

Traceability: Regional Co-op


SCAA Score: 81.38

Altitude: 1400-1900m

Drying Process: Washed

Traceability: Regional Co-op


SCAA Score: 81.5

Altitude: 850-1250m

Drying Process: Natural

Traceability: Regional Co-op

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Beans, Ground-Filter, Ground-Moka Pot, Ground-Espresso

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  1. Mojo

    10/10 One of the best blends I have ever had:)

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