Where it all began...

Conversations Coffee Co was started in 2018 and is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Founded by Louis Scholtz, who had spent the last forty years of his life as an entrepreneur in the construction and electrical industries. Having a passion for the creatives, he decided to set up the roastery at the premises of Adrian Mestern, Owner of The Coffee Project. 

Graeme Droskie was later introduced to us and joined the team. This is where old and new came together out of the desire to make some of the best tasting coffee and memorable conversations. Conversations Coffee is doing just that.

Whether it is a light, medium or dark roast, single origin or blend, our intention is to do the beans and growers justice, by bringing out the true flavours of the beans and the regions they are grown in, leaving you the coffee drinker with a burst full of memorable flavours that will keep you longing for more.

Our coffee

Although we have based some of our blends on the milk-based coffee palates of the local market, our main focus is on bespoke coffee, tailor-made for the discerning customers and clients who would like something unique, this is always open for discussion right down to your own branding and labeling.

We do insist that beans we source are 100% Arabica, ethically produced, and are traceable to fair trade practices

Let the conversation begin at Conversations Coffee Co.